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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

"I am now eighty years young, but I was not catching words spoken softly in a group. Since both my parents were really hard of hearing, making their last years a miserable time, I determined to get hearing aids. I found Bruce Wyman at Falmouth Hearing Aids and was immediately confident I had made the right choice.

I have received expert professional help from Bruce; he has my best interests at heart. He is a good listener, responsive and creative. For instance, small plastic 'tails' of my Audibel devices refused to stay within the curves of my ears. Bruce immediately took them to his on-site laboratory and by bending them fixed the problem. Now I comfortably hear well and can go for check-ups at no further cost. Bruce is always courteous, punctual and kind. I highly recommend his services."

Katherine P., Portland

"As the holiday season approaches, I want to take a minute and express my appreciation to Bruce Wyman from Falmouth Hearing Aids. My mother was extremely reluctant to get hearing aids, even though the doctors have been recommending that she get tested for years. About five years ago, she did try in Florida but was not at all happy with the provider. Thankfully for us, things changed when we met Bruce Wyman of Falmouth Hearing Aids. Bruce was extremely patient, very kind and very gentle with her. He tested her and found that she indeed was a good candidate for hearing aids. He actually tested her right in her apartment so that made it very comfortable for her. Then Bruce delivered the hearing aids to her and adjusted them to fit her hearing needs right at her home. Of course, that made her very comfortable. But she did not take to them initially. It took a good month, before she was ready to accept them and to wear them regularly. During the course of that month, Bruce checked in with her very patiently each week and she did slowly come around. He started her off by suggesting she wear them ½ hour a day, then the next week an hour a day, then two hours a day etc. Now she loves her hearing aids and they help her greatly. She now enjoys social gatherings and conversations more and for that we are very thankful. It was Bruce’s care and extra attention coupled with his patience and kindness that turned my mom around. I would strongly recommend his services and my family and I thank him very much."

Peg G., Falmouth

“Bruce is very patient, caring and compassionate! He took the time to choose and properly fit the best hearing device for my needs. It is wonderful to now hear all conversations at home, at work and at noisy ball games. His customer service exceeds all expectations!
Thank you!”

David and Janet K., Falmouth

“Thanks to Falmouth Hearing Aids, I’ve rejoined my family.”

Mark F., Falmouth

“I didn’t know I’d be so thrilled to hear my wife’s voice in a restaurant again.”

Rick F., Litchfield

“I couldn’t believe the service I get with Falmouth Hearing Aids. I’ve been very happy.”

Ed P., Edgecomb

“Service is great. I’m very pleased.”    

Adelaide S., Falmouth

“Bruce is always very helpful.  He takes the time to explain everything. I would recommend him to everybody…and I do!”

Sheila M., Ogunquit